Craft Scrubbie by Ranger


$4.48 $4.99
SKU: INK27997

Craft Scrubbie by Ranger. Love to craft but don't want those inked-up, paint-stained hands when you're done? This gentle and effective scrubbie cleans inks, paints, glues, and other craft mediums from your hands. It gently exfoliates most types of dye, solvent, and permanent inks as well as paints and glues. To use: wet Craft Scrubbie with water and add liquid soap. Rub on stained area and rinse with water. Scrubbie comes hard but softens in water. Imported.

Sue's tips:  This scrubbie is fantastic!  It works as described.  Now we can go out without waiting for ink to wear off, or using harsh soaps that dry out hands.  I recommend this and have one on my sink all the time.

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