Design Ruler by Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz

$6.49 $6.99
SKU: TH92481

The Design Ruler by Tim Holtz is a clear acrylic ruler that features a grid background for perfect placement, a center measuring guide, a straight edge for drawing lines, a metal edge for cutting and evenly spaced holes for paper piercing. Ruler measures 12 inches.

Sue's tips:  After testing many rulers, I love the 1/4" and 1/8" squares on this ruler which help line up your work and really keep things straight.  I also love the metal edge for trimming with a craft knife without ruining my plastic ruler.  This ruler also has a 0-measurement in the center, for measuring out from center point.  This is very helpful for centering photos and frames on projects!  Great ruler at a great price.

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