Powder Tool Applicator by EK Success

EK Success

$5.38 $5.59
SKU: E5404002

The perfect tool for deactivating the adhesive on part or all of a sticker. Also great to use before heat embossing; it ensures the embossing powder sticks only to your ink so you get clear, crisp images every time. This package contains one tool with 0.6oz of powder. Imported.

Sue's tips:  
*For embossing: I keep this product within reach all the time to use for all of my embossing.  Simply turn applicator upside down and shake a little to get powder to dispense as you brush on your paper or cardstock.  Remember to use this product prior to embossing and you will keep your embossing where you want it, and not where you don't want it!

*For adhesive deactivation: When making shaker cards, use the powder tool to deactivate any adhesive that is exposed to your shaker contents, such as sequins.  

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